meet apocket

We’re innovators in the digital payment space

apocket empowers consumers and merchants to do business virtually. Our digital wallet and apocket services are built around patented technology that sets apocket apart.

Our Super App allows consumers to completely eliminate their physical wallets and create the perfect gift, perfectly personalized!

apocket technology allows merchants to accept any kind of payment seamlessly and create and manage entire marketing programs that are highly customized, highly targeted, and jaw-droppingly affordable!

The future is apocket wallet–leather, pleather, and plastic-free.

Jim Clark CEO and Founder

Jim is the Founder and CEO of apocket. As CEO, Jim has sourced and forged relationships with the company’s payment processor, banking, and vendor partners. He has spent his career in CEO and senior-level management positions within the supply chain industry, with the majority of his career centered around process improvement and innovation. That mindset led him to think of a better way of using gift cards.

Jim holds an MBA and BS in Industrial Management from Haslam College of Business.

Les Adkins Co-Founder and President

Les is the Co-Founder and President of apocket. As President, Les drives the company’s strategy around currency and media. He has spent his career working with Fortune 100 & 200 companies to develop digital strategies to make and keep their businesses relevant. Les is one of the most sought-after consultants in the industry with a long history of helping companies grow through changing times.

Les has an MBA with a Global Emphasis from the University of Phoenix.

Doreen Morgan Co-Founder and CSO

Doreen joined apocket in 2019. She is the Founding Investor in the company and Co-Founder of DigitalGift.  Doreen is responsible for the development and implementation of apocket’s corporate strategy, business development, partnerships, and strategic investments. She has worked with entrepreneurs across multiple industries from start-ups to nationally recognized companies for close to two decades helping them to define or refine market position, increase revenue, and improve balance sheets through strategic planning, investments, and mergers and acquisitions.

Andrew May Chief Technology Officer

CodeTank Labs worked closely with the apocket team to build both the IOS and Android versions of the apocket app. The team designed the app to the letter of the patent, working to ensure that all the functionality laid out in the patent was put to use in an intuitive, easy-to-use format. With more than 30 years of combined experience in their field, the team at CodeTank Labs has a successful track record and stellar reputation in their industry. Other notable projects include building applications for H&R Block, Cirrus Aircraft, and AMC Theaters. CodeTank Labs continues to work on apocket’s “wish list.”

Brad Crose Patent Attorney

Brad helped the Founders of The apocket write the Patent behind DigitalGift. He is a graduate of Purdue University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, focusing on electrical, civil, and industrial engineering disciplines. He was employed for ten years as an engineer and an information technology manager before attending Regent University School of Law, where he obtained a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy, focusing on internet technology policy issues and patent and trademark law.