Travel light with a digital wallet on your phone.

Built on Blockchain, apocket secures everything you need in a virtual wallet, built for your mobile device!

The Future is Supposed to Be Easier.

Hailing down a taxi, buying a VHS tape, loading up a CD player, all of these things seem so inconvenient now. With apocket, your physical wallet will join them as a relic of the past.

A traditional wallet

Traditional wallets are heavy and cluttered with limited space and can be pick pocketed easily

What if your pockets are too small or you chose to wear a small purse today? Looks like you can only carry a few cards.

Scrambling to find the right payment method in your physical wallet causes unnecessary anxiety.

Plastic gift cards contribute to ocean waste that kills sea life.

It’s impossible to store cryptocurrencies, let alone pay with them.

Gift card fraud is common and a physical wallet can be misplaced or stolen.

Apocket digital wallet

apocket stores all of the things you carry in your current wallet in a more organized digital app with unlimited space.

apocket can be accessed from your mobile devices!

Rest assured you can pay quickly with a tap of your phone.

As part of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, apocket digital wallet is environment-friendly with no plastic waste.

Pay with cryptocurrency, anytime, anywhere.

apocket is built on the blockchain so your currencies are secure.

Keep It All in One Place

apocket virtual wallet can digitally hold everything you need:

Share the Wealth, Give the
Gift of Convenience

With apocket digital wallet, you can easily purchase and send gift cards to loved ones with a few quick clicks.

  • 350 merchants and counting
  • Personalize your digital gift with a video, text, or picture message they can store forever
  • Last-minute gifting made easy
  • Eliminate wasteful plastic gift cards
Capture local discounts
without the hunt

What if you had access to special discounts from all of your favorite businesses in your wallet? With apocket virtual wallet, you do.

Big Guy discount programs make you search through pages of offers and jump through hoops to capture your discount. apocket makes it easy for you to take advantage of the best deals, right from your digital wallet.

Donate to Your Favorite
Participating Charity

A personal touch can make the donation even more impactful. Add a video, text, or picture message to your digital donation to show your support.

How Does It Work?

The apocket team designed our patented digital gift card technology to be secure and user-friendly. Get started with three simple steps.

Step 1:

Download the App

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store and download apocket from your smart device for free.

Step 2:

Connect Your Bank

Step 3:

Verify Your ID

Step 4:

Select Currencies

Once you have connected your preferred forms of currency, use your
apocket digital wallet to pay by simply holding it over the kiosk.

Step 5:

Pay Away!

Once you have connected your preferred forms of currency, use your apocket digital wallet to pay.


Simply navigate to the NFT section and upload photos of your identification cards, insurance cards and more to your virtual wallet

Go Digital and Eliminate Plastic Waste

apocket company is a proud member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and we believe eliminating plastic is a critical need.

According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, by the year 2050, plastic pollution in our oceans will outweigh the amount of fish in the ocean. Americans purchase 2 billion gift cards each year, the most requested gift every year from 2006 to 2022. Once the card is redeemed, more than 75 million pounds of PVC material from plastic cards enter the waste stream

plastic pollution